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Embrace the Crazy - Athletic Crazy!

The Poppy Sports Club is an accountability group for women with kick-ass athletic goals. It doesn't matter whether you're a pro- or a newbie-athlete. As women we ALL have the same challenges: 

Time - Motivation - Accountability - Time - Nutrition - Sleep - Time.  Can we say 'time' one more time? 

At Poppy Sports, we know the reality of being women and athletes. The Poppy Sports Club exists so we can support each other and share experiences as committed, active women. 

We're dedicated to getting you to the start line of a race with your sanity intact, and a mindful outlook on life.

Who is a Poppy Sports Woman?

Simple. The Poppy Sports Club is for every woman with an athletic goal. We have 5k athletes all the way to Ironman.

Everyone is welcome, and everyone has a part to play in this team. We are not exclusive, but we will hold you accountable and encourage you every month with our team challenges, goals and online group.

Join the Poppy Sports Club for just $18/month or pay annually up front (with our 30 day money back guarantee, of course)

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