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Training Like A Pro - The Linsey Corbin Challenge

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Ironman Training Like A Pro Challenge

We talk a lot out getting out of your comfort zone at Poppy Sports. And for one month we challenged Team Poppy Sports members to think outside of their comfort zone and raise the bar on their approach to training. 

We all get into a mindset of 'this is how I train', or 'this is what I am capable of,' and the general routine of life that keeps us on a daily trajectory.

It's hard for any of us living in this modern, crazy world to take the time to step back and evaluate how we are approaching our athletic goals and dare to change things up a bit. 

The 'Up Your Game' Challenge was a call to Team Poppy Sports to allow themselves the time to evaluate their training, what their goals were for the season and to challenge themselves to raise the bar for a limited period of time and make the results. 

Change is Good, Change is Hard

Getting out of your training comfort zone can mean different things to different athletes.  It can be as simple as increasing the load, adding in speedwork, focusing on your weakest link, taking on better recovery or focusing on nutrition to fuel better.  

For three of the athletes at Poppy Sports, they decided to take on what many of us dream about and opted to train like a pro Ironman athlete for a week!  We had the fortune to have pro Ironman Linsey Corbin share a typical training week and once we'd recovered from the shock of what a pro athlete achieves in a week, it was onto practical matters.

Prepping for Train Like a Pro Week

Between the three of us we have three careers, six children and more than a handful or Ironman races under our belts.  

Despite being official rockstars (at least that's what we tell ourselves when we're feeling overwhelmed) taking on the training level of a pro athlete made even our peak weeks of Ironman training look like child's play.  

It takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a village to get the finish line in an Ironman. The village had to come into play for a week of this level.  With reduced work, laundry (yessss) schedules, food prepped, more sleep planned, the week commenced!

Linsey Corbin's Ironman Training Plan

Learning from Pro Ironman Athletes

What turned into a 30-odd hour Ironman training week was an eye-opener.  We approached the week basically as our own Ironman Training Camp - something we've each aspired to doing once a season - but one that took place from home. 

All in, we enjoyed and learned from the challenge of a huge, training load increase.  None of us got injured (one of our main concerns) and the physical challenge of the week, left us feeling both accomplished and exhausted. 

  • What stood out to us age-groupers was the number of two and three session training days. That's where us mortals differ in both stamina and time. We learned the most from these days and had the most to gain from them.
  • Having taken on peak training weeks before, this week took that to a different level.  Each of us were stretched out of the comfort zone and a new approach to a peak Ironman training week. 
  • In a single 24 hour day with our workload on top of training, getting enough rest bordered on the impossible. Short term, getting to bed earlier was a joy - but difficult to sustain over an entire week. 
  • Fueling the training for a week was a challenge with multiple training sessions a day on top of working and family responsibilities. You'd think eating would be easy, but not when you have to digest in time for the next session and fit in two or three meetings and catch upon emails and etc. etc. etc.  
  • Practice makes perfect though and by mid-week we were all on a better cadence with the timing of food and more or less constant consumption of calories did the trick - but that took a lot of advance preparation! 

Training On

While it was unsustainable to train like Linsey Corbin longer than a week - because, guess what - we're neither Linsey Corbin nor pro athletes.  However, we will take from her training load and apply aspects to our own peak training blocks going forward.

One of our goals at Poppy Sports has always been to provide Team Poppy Sports members access to training camps. However, we are aware of the barriers for many women to leave the everyday for a week-long experience away from home.  

Our goal is to build and adapt this concept of a training week into a practical application for age-groupers in a way that works for the working woman athlete.

Stay tuned!

In the mean time follow Poppy Sports on Instagram to watch our every day adventures as women athletes.

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