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Product Review: Roga Running Shorts by Oiselle

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Oiselle Roga Shorts - A slice of heaven for hot summer runs

The next product review up on Poppy Sports TV is founder Melanie talking about one of our preferred lightweight running shorts for hot summer training; the Roga Shorts from Oiselle Running.

The roga shorts are super lightweight, super stretchy and never cling.  They come in vibrant orange color and feature a wide yoga style waistband to add comfort to any long run.

Slightly longer at the back, they cover enough of your cheeks to give confidence but shorter in the front to show off all the hard work you've been doing.  

Seriously, I cannot believe how great these look from behind.  Take a look in the video, my tush looks the best it has since having two kids.  Thanks Oiselle.

Goodbye Old Shorts, We Won't Miss You

Women's running shorts have definitely taken a huge step forward in design. Thank goodness we all say!  The days of bunched up, unflattering shorts are over.

The Roga Shorts stand to be a perennial favorite at Poppy Sport, so check back every season to see what new colors are coming your way.

Tangerine Orange

For sake of argument, let's call this shade of orange tangerine.  What it is not is that neon orange you see out there!  It's more yellow than that and a really flattering shade.  Hopefully, that comes across in the video. 

Be fast, and beautiful and grab yourself a pair of the roga running shorts to add some pep to your summer running.

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Oiselle roga running short in fancy orange

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