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Journal Writing: Using the Daily Greatness Journal

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Daily Greatness Journal

Meditation on paper

A journaling tool for a more mindful life

The act of writing something down somewhere has its merits; after all people have been putting their thoughts down since before the invention of paper.

Although we live in a world of electronics, it appears paper is still here to stay and journaling has become more than a collection of thoughts.  It's almost turning into another form of meditation; a quiet space where you can process the day that has been or the day that is to come.

When a pen and paper is not enough

Notebooks are abound in the Poppy Sports HQ.  There has been much strategic planning, note taking, and life goals written down in them there pages.  However, sometimes we all need a little guidance along the plan of life.  Enter The Daily Greatness Journal - a fabulous discovery from the team that brings you Poppy Sports.

The Daily Greatness Journal is as practical as it is inspiring.  Over 400 colored pages features a planner (undated so you can start anytime) as well as a plethora of other tools to support your path to leading a more mindful life.  

What's inside the Daily Greatness Journal 

Over 450 full color pages in the Daily Greatness Journal give you a comprehensive, and beautiful approach to life planning.  Not only practical for the usual daily logistics, the journal poses the bigger questions to hold you accountable to life beyond this week's calendar responsibilities. 

  • Day-to-a-View Planner
  • Comprehensive Goal Planning System
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Weekly, quarterly and yearly check-ins
  • Weekly and quarterly goal planners
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Appointment planner
  • Life clarity worksheets
  • Prompts and reminders for staying on track
  • Undated, so you can start anytime

Why are we endorsing the Daily Greatness Journal?

When we came across the Daily Greatness Journal, we all agreed it would be supportive tool to bring to Poppy Sports - especially to our monthly accountability posse - Team Poppy Sports.  

We mentioned the notepads in our office - we had one for planning, one for personal stuff, another for doodling.  This journal brought all those together in one place. It was magic.

Now if you have a notebook addiction problem, then we cannot guarantee this journal will solve that! But we can guarantee - if you commit to it - the process of the journal will raise your life game.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Feel overwhelmed?  Then let the Daily Greatness Journal reveal where you are over-scheduling.
  • Consider yourself lacking direction?  Then allow the journal to lead you down the path of self discovery through the life clarity worksheets.
  • Need more manageable goals? Set them and learn how to be more present so you can actually achieve them
  • Want to develop a more mindful life? It's hard. Don't expect it to be easy with the pressures of a modern life.  The practice of the Daily Greatness Journal allows you to make time for the practice of mindfulness through its guided pages.   That, my friends is priceless.

Check out The Daily Greatness Journal 

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