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Goal Setting for 2017

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Ready to start 2017 with some goal setting? Start with these questions

The start of a new year is a perfect time for athletes to set goals for the next 12 months.  You've already seen the end of the pervious race season, the holiday season is behind you and it's time to refocus on what is ahead for the year.

Endurance athletes are known for their structured and methodical look at the world. After all, you can't just decide to do an Ironman one day and knock it out the park the next week!

Goal setting, planning and managing training time is commonplace among athletes, and for that we should all give ourselves some credit.  

According to Leonie Dawson 80% of people give no thought to goals at all.  That stat alone just blows me away.

Hit restart

January 1st is usually a quiet day, sleeping in and starting the year slowly.  

However, this year, I forewent the usual party heavy New Years Eve celebrations this year and decided to commit to a swim challenge on 01.01.17.  Ten thousand meters broken into 100 x 100m.  

Why?  I want to change up my life and business considerably in 2017.  Starting off with a bang was a way to shake things up from the moment the year started!  

I've set in motion a different start to the year, to give me a better chance of the goals I've set. 

Refer back, reflect, and plan ahead

If you're ready to move forward with your year ahead and whether or not you wrote down any goals during 2016, take the time now to think about what you achieved.

  1. Did you have a specific athletic goal?
  2. Was your time management a positive or negative?
  3. Did you have any unexpected 'wins'?
  4. How did you approach nutrition during the year?
  5. How was your ability to balance family, work and sport?

The key to setting your intentions for the year ahead is to be able to look back at your accomplishments, reflect on them and then set the bar higher for the next year.

January Challenge

Every month we set a new challenge for Team Poppy Sports members.  This month we'll be contemplating a perfectly planned 2017 based on our reflections on last year and what lofty goals we have for the twelve months ahead.  

If you'd like to join us on this journey and have an accountable partner for your goals, check us out at Team Poppy Sports

We're here to be your partner in sport! 

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