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EMPOWER Bracelets for Change by Poppy Sports

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Giving Back to Women & Girls

Earlier this year, we had a wake up call at Poppy Sports.

We'd taken part in the March of Women in Denver and know, as women, we all have a bigger story to tell.  We saw over 100,000 women from all walks of life, coming together for the good of our gender. 

This event really hammered home to our team our mission of empowering women through sport, continues to be more important than ever. 

Every day, we focus our mission on helping active women to be healthy in mind and body. We are fortunate to be who we are and so in 2017/8 we want to pay it forward to the next generation of badass women and help those who need it most.

EMPOWER Bracelets by Poppy Sports

Empower Bracelets by Poppy Sports

We are proud, excited and just a little bit giddy to launch the EMPOWER bracelets by Poppy Sports.  

20% of profits from the sale of each bracelet will be donated directly to one of four organizations that support women and girls.  

We've chosen each organization carefully based on empowerment and giving a supporting hand to women and girls who really need it.

The Organizations We're Supporting

  • GIRLS ON THE RUN: Getting girls running together.  Girls' participation in sport drops dramatically when puberty hits. Girls on the Run helps to get them enthusiastic about running and the running lifestyle before then, to help them make it through with running as part of their healthy lifestyle.

  • DAYS FOR GIRLS: Every girl, every day, period. Girls miss school merely because of their period.  The number of days and education missed due to limited access to sanitary wear is unforgivable in our world. Days for Girls provides sustainable sanitary wear on a global scale to keep girls in education.

  • GIRLS INC: Inspiring girls to be strong, smart and bold.  If we are to have a strong generation of girls after us, they have to hear that they are strong and smart and bold from as many channels as possible.  Girls Inc does just that, supporting the next generation of girls to have a bold voice of their own.

  • DRESS FOR SUCCESS: Empowering women to economic independence. Dress for Success provides women with confidence, self esteem and the clothes they need to succeed in a professional setting. 

Empower Bracelets For Change by Poppy Sports

How can you EMPOWER?

When you purchase an EMPOWER bracelet, you have the option to choose one of the four organizations.  

Chose your preferred color and organization and we'll take care of the rest. 

Perfect Holiday Gifts for Women & Teens

Make this year's gift giving meaningful and give a bracelet for every women and girl on your list. Each bracelet comes wrapped in a unique Poppy Sports gift box containing a special message about the organization you chose. 

The EMPOWER bracelets can be gently squeezed to fit even the slightest of wrists, so equally perfect for teenagers and tweens.

It's time to give back, and the holiday season is no better time to spread love and empowerment far and wide.


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