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I Just Had a Bad Run Day

Bad Run Day I have a lot of admiration for professional athletes who get back up after a road block and continue on with the program.  In fact I admire entrepreneurs, travelers, artists of all kinds, who have such determination they always keep their end goal in mind and do not get derailed on the path [...]

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Supporting Young Entrepreneurs

Poppy Sports is Mentoring and Supporting Young EntrepreneursAs well as having amazing amounts of fun with athletic wear, entering triathlons, running and every other great part of our Poppy Sports world, our mission is so much deeper.  One of our main goals is to inspire.  To inspire anyone and anything.  We started with enabling more [...]

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Half Ironman Training - Squeal

Our Own Personal Endurance EventOur half Ironman training program is finally alive!  Squeal.We've spent many, many months beavering away on this life and soul program just for women.  Half Ironman training is hard, even harder if you're a women juggling life's challenges. We've put together an entire online program that you can access on your schedule, whenever [...]

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Jack Daniels' Running Calculator

Jack Daniels Running Dr. Jack Daniels is world-renowned for his training methods helping dozens of professional athletes make the Olympics through his coaching.  So mildly amusing he is of the same name of a famous liquor.   We recently discovered the Jack Daniels Running Formula, a brilliant tool to calculate the optimal pace you should be training at [...]

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Monthly Challenge: Simplify

Challenge Yourself: Simplify One Thing The key to life/athletic success can be as simple as simplifying your life.   So this month, we are challenging you (and ourselves) to pick one thing that you are going to simplify in your life.  Are your athletic clothes crying our for organization?  Might you actually get to run quicker, if you [...]

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The Power of Positive Thinking

Look Inside Your Head Sometimes thoughts inspire me and set my fires going. Other times they can serve as the complete opposite.  We've been doing a lot of research into motivation, the power of positive thinking and negative thoughts in preparation for our forthcoming 70.3 training program for busy women. Negative thoughts do not serve anyone any favors. [...]

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Swimming Tips: The Basics of Swimming Technique

Back to BasicsMany triathletes are keen to state that the swim is their weakest part of the sport.  While a triathlon is rarely won on swim times, you can lose a triathlon if your swim is much weaker than your bike or run.As a self confessed swim nerd, swim training has been an integral (some [...]

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What is a Rash Guard?

Rash guards made their debut for surfers and other ocean based sports.  These athletes needed protection against abrasion and these quickly became an essential part of the sport. Surf board + sand + water + skin = OUCH! Rash guards now come in varying styles, thicknesses and fabric choices and are moving themselves from their origins on [...]

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Treadmill Interval Workouts from Poppy Sports

Get the Treadmill HummingIn partnership with USTA triathlon coach Brad Haags, Poppy Sports has devised ten treadmill interval workouts to build endurance and speed for athletes looking to improve their attitude toward the run and see some results!While knocking out a 30-50 minute treadmill workout might not be every athlete's cup of tea, it is [...]

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New Video 'Leading You To the Finish Line'

BFFsIf you're an endurance athlete, then Poppy Sports is your BFF for style.  We invite you to come on a video journey with us. Hopefully you be inspired by us as much as we are by you!   Making MemoriesWe had so much fun making these memories.  Times flies and so every year we'll be remembering our last [...]

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