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Poppy Sports Podcast with Sheila Taormina

Poppy Sports Launches Triathlon Podcast 'Coffee with Poppy' This month we are launching Coffee With Poppy, a podcast for athletic women.   We'll be taking the time to interview inspirational women athletes, creators of gear, thought leaders, and generally people we think you'll be interested in hearing.    As a team dedicated to athletic women who tri, run, swim [...]

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Knowing Your 'Why' Before Starting a Triathlon Training Plan

Our First Guest Blog PostThis week we were invited to guest post on a favorite site of our, OrganicRunnerMom.com, aka a great blogger by the name of Sandra Laflamme (don't we all wish we had such a cool last name!) It took about two seconds to decide to write about why defining your 'why' is important before [...]

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5 Ways to Learn to Love Yourself this Valentine's Day

Feelin' the LoveHave someone special in mind for this Valentine's Day?  If you haven't felt the love for yourself for a while, it might be time to put yourself at the top of your list.Use these five tips to help make that person YOU.  After all, how can we love others when we have trouble [...]

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How to Chose a Triathlon Training Plan

Follow my blog with BloglovinSo you've decided to train for a triathlon, raise your game, take on a new challenge or move up a triathlon distance to Olympic, half Ironman or the biggie Ironman distance.What next?

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The Structure of our Half Ironman Training Program

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Structuring a Half Ironman Training Program In our video below, I explain how and why we have structured the Poppy Sports Half Ironman Training program over sixteen weeks.  You'll want to know the base, build, peak methodology and why this works not only for your body, but also for you mind! I also talk [...]

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January Check in Goals

Goal Setting Goal setting is as part of my life as brushing my (British - no jokes please) teeth.  I've been an avid goal setter, list writer, planner my entire life. Not sure why, I just seem hard wired that way. So each month I'm going to check in with you my goals for the month [...]

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Tri Women Group

Ironman Corporation's Women Who Tri Initiative  There were many of us who applied to be part of Ironman Corporation's WomenForTri board of advisers. In fact, there were over 650 of us! While only 12 were chosen for the Ironman board of advisors (myself not included!), I got to thinking that there are 600 other women who did [...]

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Is the new Flat White coffee worth it?

To White or not to Flat WhiteIf you've been into Starbucks recently against all your resolutions to cut back on expensive espresso drinks, you might well have noticed their new marketing materials touting the new Starbucks flat white experience.In case you didn't know, a flat white hails from our Aussie friends down under, and I can attest [...]

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Meet Rachel, our first half Ironman training program enrollee

This month we invite you to meet Rachel.  She is actually our inaugural member of the Poppy Sports Half Ironman Training Program we launched a few weeks ago.  We wanted to introduce you to her for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, Rachel is actually a hoot, and you'll enjoy (and empathize with) her writing.  Secondly, Rachel [...]

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A New Type of Goal Setting Worksheet for New Year Resolutions

Are you about to sit down at the end of the year with a blank sheet of paper to set some goals and New Year Resolutions?  As a somewhat obsessive list maker, I LOVE this part of the year. However, what I don't like is sitting there with a blank piece of paper and coming [...]

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