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What's the meaning of the safety pin?

What's in a safety pin statement? The safety pin has made a statement.  And it's not a fashion statement, there is deeper meaning. A movement has started in the U.S. of people wearing a safety pin as a way of showing they are a safe space for those who are afraid. The movement began over the summer in England following [...]

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This November join the #OptOutside movement

Opt Outside with Poppy Sports Just like REI, we believe that a life outside is a life well lived.    In 2015, REI took the bold move to close all their stores on Black Friday and grant all their employees the day off instead. We cannot commend them more.  In a time where every dollar seems to count, [...]

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Reflective High-Vis Running Tights for the Dark Side

Are you ready for the dark side? Whether we want  to admit it or now, winter is coming.  And for most of us, that means running in low light or dark conditions at some point in the week.And have we found some high-vis running tights for you.  Every now and again, we see a product that [...]

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Unify Your Style with Bold Long Sleeve Running Top

The Unify Running Top Returns in New ColorsA staple from our spring collection at Poppy Sports, the Unify women's long sleeve running top returns for fall with some new, fresh seasonal color ways to add some pep into your fall running routine.Technology in athletic wear is only taking the genre to new heights every season.  We [...]

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How Gratitude Can Change Your Life

Gratitude Challenge Every month we have a challenge in the Team Poppy Sports tribe. We hold each other accountable throughout the 30 days.   While we aspire to greatness every month, our team goal is to celebrate all our efforts. Hey, we are all striving to be the best we can be.   Gratitude featured as one of [...]

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When Bad Training Happens to Good People

Misery Wants CompanyHopefully, I am not alone in the misery I had last week. Complete and utter training carnage. All the best intentions were there, the motivation was even there (bonus!) but BAM life happened. A major life incident pushed stress over the edge and then sickness struck like a kick in the teeth.Training [...]

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Product Review: A Tunic Top for Athletes

Trimex Quilted Tunic Top from MPG SportThis season the Trimex Quilted Tunic has already become classic around the Poppy Sports office, we might as well call it our official 'office uniform.After a training session, pull on your compression tights, layer the athletic tunic on top and you are ready to recover in style.The coziness of [...]

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How to create an empowering vision board

Creating a vision board for a productive yearFacing up to the challenges of a new year is exciting and daunting at the same time.  There can be nothing more scary than sitting contemplating life's goals with a blank sheet of paper in front of you.We've been working with the athletes of Team Poppy Sports this [...]

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Team Poppy Sports - Bonus Gifts

Bonus Gifts for Team Poppy Sports In addition to the great team kit, each member who joins Team Poppy Sports will get more goodies from the Poppy Sports gift fairies.Poppy Sports has really kicked off with our final deadline for 2016 membership closing in early December.   Our goal is to reach all women of all abilities [...]

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Team Poppy Sports - Update and Team Kit Video Demo

Response to Team Poppy Brings a Tear to our EyesSince we announced our doors were open for Team Poppy Sports last week we've had a tear-jerking response from ladies from all over the world. So many lovely words and response to our mission from supportive women out there. Sitting in a room - alone - planning out the [...]

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