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Weekly Planner: Own your week, rock your life

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The Poppy Sports Weekly Planner

Even for the most organized and motivated of people, prioritizing and time management can be a challenge. When you have a clear idea of the most important goals of the week, then it's easier to avoid those things that can distract us.  This is where a tool as simple as a weekly planner really comes into its own.

So you can get a grip on your week, and make sure that your athletic and training goals stay on track, download our weekly planner and plan to run your week before it runs away with you.

Write it down, give it importance

It's been proven time and time again, if you write something down and/or 'book' a meeting with yourself for your training sessions, treating them with the same importance as you would a check in with your boss, the better chance they will not fall off your day's schedule.

The goal of committing to using a weekly planner is a start to remind yourself of what is important to you.  There will never be enough hours in the day to do everything you want or need, but putting what is most significant to you at the forefront is a great step to making forward progress.

Embrace a new approach to your time to plan your week, and your athletic goals will come.

Download Planner

Stop ruminating, start doing

Think of all the mindless ruminating you do every day; what to cook for dinner, who you need to remember to call/email, the minutiae of daily management that clutters your day.  

Now imagine, these are all in your planner.  You don't need to worry about what it was that was in your head, so you move onto being more productive with your day.  

More productivity means you have a better chance of that training time for YOU.  Click below to get our full weekly planner with tips and motivation to rock your week.

Download the Poppy Sports Weekly Planner

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