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Poppy Sports Will Make You a More Confident Athlete

About Poppy Sports

No matter what kind of athlete you are or whatever level you compete, Poppy Sports is for you. What started with our humble virtual store, has grown into an amazing online community that inspires us all every day.

We have an active blog, social community and You Tube channel ready and waiting for you!

Our podcast 'Coffee with Poppy' just launched on iTunes this year and we'll be interviewing inspirational athletes, those keeping it real, and those who can inspire us all.



Motivational Training

Athletes usually have a good dose of self motivation.

What happens when you take that motivation and mix it with solid mental preparation and clear race season goals?

BAM, you are awesome!

Poppy Sports Training provides a unique self-paced program to help us busy women gain the upper edge and make the race season your best.


Team Poppy Sports

In 2016 we launched Team Poppy - an inclusive accountability program and support team. We serve athletes of all levels from those first lacing up their shoes for the first time to multiple Ironman athletes.  Intimidation is not part of this team, but accountability, goals and being supported are!

For a small monthly feel, every team member benefits from the monthly challenges we set based on tried and tested techniques for life/work/sport balance and a little less insanity at the end of the day!

CLICK HERE to learn more


Our Mission

Our mission is not only to get more women to the start line but also to inspire the next generation to become the athletes and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. 

We mentor young girl entrepreneurs to help them on the path to success and independence.

To see some of them in action, check out the Poppy Sports Bath Soak, made by two budding entrepreneurs from Flair Body Care


About Our Founder

Melanie Mitchell Founder Poppy SportsMelanie Mitchell founded Poppy Sports in 2010.

A self-confessed swim nerd, she also loves everything bike. Running? That's her achilles heel.  

Her current sweet spot is Ironman 70.3 and she leads our motivational training programs  

As a mother, triathlete, business owner, short order cook, homework guru, athlete, and entrepreneur, Melanie knows what it takes to juggle balls and live life to the limit.   

'We are so proud to be a woman-owned business and work with so many other inspiring women in sports.  Poppy Sports is my dream come true, my 'why' and my legacy.'



When you shop at Poppy Sports and show your support, you are making the difference to what it is to be a woman in today's world, the movement of Small Business America; helping us raise families on our terms.




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